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  Gas Version
  LIP-10-TGG (Standard)
(Flame Heater)
(Table Top)
  Ele Power Infrared Heater
  Wall Mount Series
  Comercial Type
  3 Speeds
  7 Speeds
  8 Speeds
  Foldable Bike
  Mountain Bike
What is Infrared ?
Infrared spectrum comprises between 0.8 ~ 1000µm. It’s usually divided into three segments:
Near infrared, IRA: Wavelength 0.8 ~ 1.4 µm
Middle infrared, IRB: Wavelength 1.4 ~ 3 µm
Far infrared, IRC: Wavelength 3 ~ 1000 µm
The light that can be seen with the human eye is visible light which is a kind of electromagnetic radiation.
Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is classified according to the frequency of its wave. In order of the wavelength from long to short (or low frequency to high), there are radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma rays. The visible light is only consisted in a very small range of EMR.
Visible light that can be seen by human eyes in order of increasing to decreasing wavelength, there are red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, and violet. The wavelength of red light is 0.62~0.76μm and that of violet light is 0.38~0.46μm. The light with longer shorter wavelength than violet light is ultraviolet. The light with a longer wavelength than red light is infrared which is not visible to the human eye.
Recently, as the improvement of test facilities and intensive studies, people have a more comprehensive understanding of the physical properties of infrared and its biological effects, which leads to the development of infrared applications. Infrared ray especially far infrared is widely applied in medical and health industry. Various daily infrared products also emerge.
Infrared radiation has a deep penetration ability to human skin and subcutaneous tissue. When outside infrared radiation penetrates human body, it causes thermal effect to rise up the temperature of skin and subcutaneous tissues, which improves blood circulation, metabolism and promotes human health.
The thermal effect, ant-inflammatory effect and regeneration promotion from infrared therapy to the body tissue has been affirmed by the clinical. Usually the treatment is to make the lesion have direct contact with the infrared radiation.
Some people regard far-infrared as "Light of Life" which can significantly improve human microcirculation. When it acts on the water clusters of the human body, it resonates the aging large molecular and re-organizes the cracking groups to smaller water molecules. In this process, the cell activity and surface tension are increased.
As the water molecules which permeates into cell membranes is increased, and the intracellular calcium activity is enhanced, the normal functions of human cells, sterilization capacity, and immunity ability are all strengthen.