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Liangtech Industrise Co., Ltd established in 1991. Started as a professional company and factory which exported household aluminum alloy products, blinds, and industrial parts to Europe and the US.

Initially in Miaoli and later moved to Jongli in 1997 for developing and manufacturing patio heaters.

The second factory moved to Changxing County of Zhejang Providence in China in 2003 to enlarge its production capacity. SUNCOX was founded.

Liangtech mainly specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling different kinds of heating systems. Liangtech also develops and sells consumer mechatronic products and customized products.

Our products enjoy a large demand in Europe, USA, New Zealand and Australia, and are certified by CSA from the U.S. & Canada, CE from Europe and acquired safety certification from the importing countries.

Liangtech is in the leading position in technology and profession among the same field in the whole world, especially the patio heaters which has an annual sales quantity of more than 100,000 units.

Our company has been upholding the best and professional product structure, safety design, world-class technology and quality, and mass production price.

We provide special customized product design and manufacture to meet customer's needs, and client-oriental after-sale service. We put our heart and mind to work on our business. We are sure we'll be able to satisfy your strict standards.

If you need any service from us, please contact us.

Second Factory. The view of stamping mechanical parts.

One of the Chinese awards for the product designed and manufactured by Liangtech.

Patented Infrared Heater-TAIWAN Patented Infrared Heater-CHINA One composite device patent-USA Patented Infrared Heater-GERMANY

Infrared Heater Patent-TAIWAN

Infrared Heater Patent-CHINA

All-in-one Device Patent-USA

Infrared Heater Patent-GERMANY

Since 1996 when Liangtech started developing and designing patio heaters, we got a lot of patents from Europe, USA, Japan, China and Taiwan, and applied them in the market. The application products are patio heaters which are gas patio heaters and regular infrared patio heaters.


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